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Just bec it's so beautiful, and, really, could you blame him? J-Mac in DC : "It is a fairly complex program and while the Help file is very detailed and extensive, it is also written as if for programmer types. By that I mean that after reading it all the way through - and that was a heck of a long read! - I was so damn lost I thought I might just close Ultra Recall and never open it again. OK, maybe not quite that bad, but I was pretty confused. The forum is an OK source of info, at least from a few experienced members, though there were some who seemed, well, a bit "elitist", if you can understand what I mean by that. I remember one such ass... err... forum member... actually posting that Ultra Recall required a higher IQ than many of the new users posting stup..., uhh, let's say very "beginner"-type questions in the forum."

Dormouse, I was VERY polite in calling your stance "consumerism", in fact saying you plough thru fori in order to fetch any hint you might get there, but you don't contribute anything to those very fori, could be qualified by less polite terms, too.

Wordmuse, you do exactly what I explained here and in before: Doing simili-links, i.e. individual codings that then are processed by your own macros: Those will travel (but can only partially replicate inbuilt links' functionality).

Re travel: J-Mac wanted help for fleeing UR for MI (well, that was some months ago), so I tried to dissuade him, here:

(last post there at this moment) - when I speak about UR, as I rather often do in other fori, I always mention UR's strength even when complaining about its annoyances, and my DC post here is particularly interesting since I spontaneously found the (highly plausible) reason for TheBrain's poor import facilities there, as soon as I considered them (whom nobody could ever consider stupid), by way of trial, cynics instead of just sloppies.

Third world? In that very MI thread over there, people say they better had believed kinook when they said there weren't but maintenance releases to be expected further on - paid ones, for Win7, and again for Win8. On the other hand, I say UR is rock-stable, i.e. up to now, kinook has eliminated any possible bug as soon as it was notified to them, and I highly appreciate that (cf. MI, har, har, har - they're best in introducing 10 new bugs for every 3 old ones worked on - my estimates).

All the more so it's annoying that UR doesn't even get formatting within its tree (and many other such things that would be easy to implement but so much helpful every minute of your long working day with UR) - I would have done all these things ages ago, whilst kinook looks at UR's revenu and decides, it's not worthwile, and I'm really disappointed.

There's hunger and medical neglect in the third world, so why ask kinook to enhance their (fine but suboptimal) prog? Well, let's be stringent: Let's close this site, let's sweep off all sw from our pc's, let's put our cleaned pc's into the waste bins: Let's go back to pencil and paper whilst hunger and medical neglect in this world hasn't been properly addressed. Let's show our total compassion! And then, these probs properly resolved, what about the animal species? Hence my invitation to discuss sw probs within a sw / application frame and make abstraction of the outside world, in whichever state it might be.

Shouldn't anyone contribute on that subject he's able to supply something valid? E.g. I'm not a military specialist, but I think it's the military, backed up by a less utilitarian government than the U.S. have ever had, that could eventually overcome the nepotism behind the lack of food, medicine and education in all these countries. Get a new leader in any of such southern countries, his population will starve as they starved under his predecessor, and the new leader's family will, in some years, all be billionaires: Do you think any humanitarian intervention will ever end this? Of course not: It's power, and power only that could change anything for the better, and since power isn't a moral quality, things are getting from worse to unbearable. Why do you think animal experimentation is exported in high numbers from Europe to China? Because there's no limit whatsoever to anything over there.

Sorry for being blunt, but what do you expect from moral discussions in an UR forum? UR is a very valid contender, but it's suboptimal though. That's my point here.

EDIT : Sorry for mixing up things: The link above concerns the MI thread there in which you'll find my post, but J-Mac's citation above is from a genuine UR thread there:

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