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Originally Posted by schferk View Post
They openly discuss problems UR might have with MS integration, and "Dormouse" advocates that the work for MS integration gets harder, and less rewarding.
I have no idea how Kinook perceive the current playing field, but I would be concerned about Microsoft's direction of travel. A single OS for phones, tablets and desktops does not seem like the best context for programs of this type. And MS integration becomes less rewarding as their market share slips.

For me, I have for many years used MS programs as little as I can (I find them just too 'heavy', rigid and dictatorial - and often not functional enough), and the close integration between UR and MS Office has meant that I use UR very much less than I otherwise would have. I can set it up differently, but I think that people who use office a lot obtain much more benefit from UR.

I don't know if MS's strategy with W8 will be successful, but I would certainly not have bet as much of their business on it as Steve Ballmer has, let alone the ex(?)-Microsoftie betting the whole of Nokia's future on it. And, if I were Kinook, I would be cautious about the way ahead.
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