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Originally Posted by schferk View Post
He also well summarizes my idea on the market (without giving me credit, of course, but he concedes reading this forum attentively):
Actually, I visit this forum very rarely (maybe once a year or less). I did visit recently when I realised that there was a v5, skimmed a few posts but did not read many very attentively because they just seemed uninformatively negative about an upgrade being made available or their wishes for development not being met. And, I'm afraid that I haven't read any of your posts in detail at all - they are just too long and too verbose.

I largely agree with the OP here:
Originally Posted by mikeg View Post
I'll try to keep this short. There's at least one other thread on this topic, but it's closed and I have a different take from many of those posted (with some notable exceptions).
  • Ultra Recall Pro has remained my repository of choice for storing and organizing all kinds of information.
  • I've yet to find a similar product I like better (and I've tried many).
  • For software I depend on every day, ~$16/year ($50 roughly once every 3 years) is very reasonable.
  • The generous licensing that allows installation on multiple computers used by the same person makes the above cost even more reasonable and especially paltry compared to what I spend on stuff I use only once or rarely.
  • There's also no extra charge for support after nn days like many vendors nowadays.
but noticed that the thread was largely dominated by your very long posts taking the thread in a completely different direction.
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