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Originally Posted by schferk View Post
Interesting discussion here throughout page 37, between "J-Mac" and "Dormouse":
I think my point of view is rather mischaracterised here. I think that Ultra Recall remains more functional than its direct competitors, and appreciate Kinook's making upgrades to endure compatibility with new OSs. I appreciate that people may want more new features for the price of the upgrade, but feel that it is a straightforward decision; Kinook needs to decide what makes best use of their time; we need to decide whether a particular upgrade is worth it for us. (I won't upgrade to 5 because I won't "upgrade" to W8 - if I were going to, then I'd go for 5 too).

Originally Posted by schferk View Post
There's a blatant charge from "Dormouse": "has since just provided a path for people who upgrade their OS. I applaud that; takes away the feeling that it is an urgent matter to find an alternative." - in plain English, this means, that even minor adjustments ain't done because kinook loved his clientele, but just to assure that no more people than absolutely necessary will be leaving, by doing the least possible work here. I hope "Dormouse" is mistaken here, but often, openly cynical assertions are sheer truth.
I ascribe no motivation to Kinook, but assume they are acting as sensible business people. I am sure Kyle is emotionally attached to UR, but doubt that he can work just from love. Equally, I don't see that Kinook is acting just to avoid people leaving. They are enabling them to continue with UR if they upgrade their OS; that is 100% a good thing from a users point of view.
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