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I do find it weird that Kinook will not respond to users - loyal users about URP, the roadmap, etc. It's as though the feeling is that we're adversaries. Even folks like me who bought version 5, without regret, though not nearly the enthusiasm I'd have had if the roadmap meant something real.

The take-away for me is that I've been on the lookout for something that is being actively developed that can replace URP. I don't believe I'll find such a thing because the feature set in URP is too dense and unique - plus there would be no easy way to migrate to something else, and like many others here, I know migration always is a painful experience and while you may easily be able to capture all the actual content, you never get to capture all the connections between the content items.

I've been down the migration road many times; it's not fun though when it's right, I do it anyway.

I still hope that Kinook continues with real development on URP. But I thank them for what they have provided. While longing for the roadmap, I'm still a pretty happy camper.

And after all - what we're all dealing with here are really just First World Problems.


- Bal
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