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Printing problems

I would have expected the Page Setup settings for printing, within the File menu, since they usually are in there, as are Print and Print Preview.

I finally found it within the Print Preview only, and as a button in that window, with the tabs "Margins" and "Headers".

Preset (by UR) left header is the page title if I want to print one page, so far so good.

But left footer is "Ultra Recall", preset by UR, and that preset reappears every time I want to print something, independently if, after deleting that advertisement, I first press "Apply", then "OK", or just "OK".

This is mostly annoying indeed, since every time, I first have to go to Print Preview, then to the Page Setup button, then to the tab Headers, then to the Footer, delete it, then "OK", then "Print" button in the "Print Preview" window, instead of just a ^p Enter, with my own preset page setup settings.

Could you please make disappear the "Ultra Recall" footer, once the user has deleted it once, i.e. make that user choice persistent, like other user choices, for margins, etc.?
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