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lherz 10-09-2007 05:33 PM

Shut Down Problem
I am attempting to use the new "Shut Down" step to re-boot a remote server in a vbp version 6.6 project, and whenever the step executes, it fails with the following output text:

Connecting to 'IL-VM-C36QA3'...
Shutting down...
Error in Action (VBScript) script code at Line 25, Column 20 (Error initiating shut down)

However, the restart completes on the remote server.

I can ignore the failure, but would rather not...

Anyone have an idea as to what I am doing wrong?

I am specifying the remote server via a temporary macro

kinook 10-09-2007 05:50 PM

The error indicates that Win32Shutdown returned a non-zero value, which is documented to be an error condition. It sounds like a WMI/Windows bug if it's returning an error code but actually working (it returns 0 in our tests on Win XP SP2).

Instead of ignoring any failure, one workaround may be to add something like this to the step's vbld_StepDone script event:


If Step.BuildStatus = vbldStepStatFailed And _
  InStr(Application.Macros(vbldMacroSystem)("LASTSTEP_OUTPUT"), "Error initiating shut down") Then
  Step.BuildStatus = vbldStepStatSucceeded
End If

lherz 10-26-2007 12:11 PM

I will give this a try.

Just as an FYI, the "failure" only seems to occur on Windows Server 2003 machines, xp and Win 2000 machines all execute the step without error.

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