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djmallinson 04-30-2021 12:39 PM

Custom templates
I am using custom templates and forms, very useful. However I have the following observations,
1. How to create a custom attribute that can contain a clickable hyperlink e.g. to a web page or internal item? I see on contact info there is web page and a Go button to navigate but how to create something similar for a custom template?
2. Despite instructions being there to drag and drop custom templates to a new UR database, this is not working right, the custom template is moved but most of the fields/attributes are missing or jumbled.
3. Dragging a custom template onto the parent Template foder makes all the child template disappear. If you drag to the child level it works.
4. Importing from csv file works after mapping all the fields but once imported is there any way to do an update merge for the same data? I am using UR to store and manage JIRA Issues as I can show the sub=tasks better and use GTD on the JIRA Issues but re-importing creates new item types it does not update the existing ones. What would it take to enable thiis? I love the way UR handles items better than JIRA but need a way to sync with JIRA.

kinook 05-06-2021 03:06 PM

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1. The Contact form is a custom built-in form. A regular form cannot have buttons, but with focus on a form field containing a URL, you can use Ctrl+Q or Item | Open Shortcut on the menu to open the URL in UR (or Ctrl+Shift+Q / hold down Shift with Open Shortcut to open in the default browser).

2. This worked in my test. See attached.

3. I wasn't able to reproduce this. Dropping onto Templates creates another copy of the template.

4. Import always adds new records. Possibly import could be enhanced to update an existing item if the ItemID matches.

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