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kinook 07-13-2009 02:00 PM

Version 7.2
Released on July 13, 2009

New Actions
  • Dr.Explain
  • Helpinator
  • HelpMaker

  • Actions pane: Hide unused actions (View and right-click menus).
  • Enable encrypting of existing macro values (Macro Properties dialog).
  • Option to prompt before deleting global subroutine steps and global macros (Tools | User Options | Projects/Steps).
  • Option to include step numbers in text log file (Tools | Application Options | Logging (More)).
  • Make Failure Steps column blank if not building failure steps but a failure subroutine was specified.
  • Remember printer selection and setup between multiple print/previews in same session.

    Action Enhancements
  • ADO action: 1) Command timeout option (Command tab); 2) Explicitly close connection before disposing of connection instance if Statement returns results option unchecked.
  • Advanced Installer action: Support v7.
  • Flare action: Support v5.
  • InstallAware action: Support v9.
  • InstallShield action: Support v2010.
  • Make Delphi/C++Builder actions: 1) Option to update .res file with property changes without building (Project/Group tab); 2) Option to override default rsvars.bat path (Options tab); 3) Parse and use build order defined in .bpg file (Delphi 7 and earlier); 4) Support v2010.
  • Make VS 2010 action: Update for Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1.
  • Multilizer action: Support v2009.
  • Read File action: 1) Support reading text from a string or macro; 2) Option to not escape special VBP characters in value.
  • Read INI and Read XML actions: Option to not escape special VBP characters in value.
  • Read Registry action: 1) Option to specify macro to store value in; 2) Option to not escape special VBP characters in value.
  • Read XML, Write XML, and Transform XML Log actions: Options to 1) Enable XSLT script code execution, 2) Enable document function, 3) Use inline schemas for validation.
  • RoboHelp action: Support v8.
  • Run Program and derived actions: 1) Automatically quote Command to run before main command if it contains spaces and is a valid filename; 2) Abort step if Command to run before main command fails.
  • Run SQL action: Options for 1) Column separator, 2) No column headers, 3) Print performance statistics (Output tab).
  • Sign Code action: Additional logging.
  • Subversion action: Support v1.6.
  • Surround SCM action: Support v2009.
  • VMware Workstation action: Support VMware ESXi.
  • Wise Setup action: 1) Support Wise Package Studio v7; 2) Option to not run silently (Options tab).

    Bug Fixes
  • Builder component: Object already exists error could occur when decrypting encrypted macro values or step properties.
  • Console app: Build aborts if any user logs off when build started by a service (i.e., CruiseControl) is running.
  • Global macros sometimes not reloaded after changed by chained project.
  • GUI App: 1) Match case and match whole word options reversed when replacing (Edit | Replace); 2) Encrypted macro value in Macro Properties dialog not always hidden; 3) Backup options (Tools | User Options | Backups) scrambled if Print/Preview options (Tools | User Options | Print/Preview) changed and Backup options not changed.
  • 7-Zip action: 7-Zip command-line executable filename not quoted if path contains spaces.
  • Batch File action: Macros not expanded in Parameters field on Input tab.
  • FTP action: 1) Doesn't login after connecting to proxy server; 2) Enable logging for List command.
  • Make C++Builder/Delphi actions: 1) Version/properties not updated in .bdsproj file if not building; 2) C++Builder 2006 project .res file not updated with version/property changes.
  • Make VS 2010 action: Support for .vcxproj (MSBuild format VC++) project files.
  • Read File action: Handle no match condition.
  • Read INI action: The parameter is incorrect error enumerating section containing no entries.
  • Read Registry action: Opens registry key with full access instead of read access.
  • Service action: Wrong message logged when deleting service.
  • Set File Attributes action: Exclude non-Archived, Exclude System, and/or Exclude Hidden checkboxes on Attributes tab incorrectly checked if related option on Set Attributes tab equals Set or Clear.

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