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jaylab 12-30-2004 12:39 PM

VB6 Step - Continue Building project if step fails not working
I have a VB6 project that fails during build. I have the propety set under the Project\Group tab to "Continue building non-dependent projects if a project fails to build", however my build terminates on any error and stops completely.

Is there something else I need to do to continue building non-depenedent projects on failure?

Error Logged:
Step default property 'Filename' = 'C:\Development\5.1 SP1\Source\Search Services\IndexScheduler\Task Scheduler\test\TaskScheTest.vbp'
setting debug info...building ('C:\Development\5.1 SP1\Source\Search Services\IndexScheduler\Task Scheduler\test\frmTaskTest.frm' newer than target)...
Compile Error in File 'C:\Development\5.1 SP1\Source\Search Services\IndexScheduler\Task Scheduler\test\frmTaskTest.frm', Line 2 : Can't find project or library
Build of 'TaskScheTest.exe' failed.

kinook 12-30-2004 01:27 PM

There aren't any dependent projects if you're building an individual .vbp file from a Make VB6 step (that only applies if you're building a group .vbg file and there are references between projects in the group). Mark the step to ignore failure (on the General tab) if you want the rest of the build to continue if that step fails.

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