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quant 11-15-2008 10:40 AM

Attachments pane (and more)
It would be nice, if there was Attachments pane. This would improve readability of the Data explorer pane, and separate "real" children items from what are supposed to be only "attachments". This is in fact how it's implemented in many PIM softwares, for example MyBase, and is standard for Mind Mapping software.

I think this could be implemented quite easily. For example, when you create item, UR would also create a child for it, say "Attachments" folder, which would be hidden by default. Adding attachments to a given Item would simply add a child to this Attachment folder. This is in fact how I do it at the moment ;-) the problem is that this Attachment folder shouldn't be in the same place as child items. It would just have it's own pane, everything else would remain the same.

In the similar way, it would be nice if there was Link pane so that user could see where the current item is linked, to fully utilize the internal linking capabilities of UR. This is standard in many Citation and Library organizing programs. Again, one way is to create a search item as a child which would look for "Item Title", but this is problematic if you change link name, and again it shouldn't appear on the same place as children.

And there would be nice simple indicators next to icon in the data explorer pane, the standard Pin - if item has attachments, some link - if item is linked somewhere, and some notes indicator if item has notes, or whatever combination of the above.

The current Data explorer is soooo simplistic :(

I believe the above suggestions would greatly improve the visual representation of the underlying data structure.

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