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teognost 10-20-2020 11:35 AM

Enhanced Zip Files step not failing
I have an Enhanced zip files step and if there is a problem-for example Source folder not found-the step is not failing (it appears successful):

\\VM1\Folder1\ -> \\VM2\Backup\
The file was not found.
0 file(s) processed
10/20/2020 5:26:01 PM: Build successfully completed (elapsed = 00:00:00).
I would expect the step to fail and failure step to be built.
Could you please tell me how can i achieve this?

kinook 10-21-2020 10:23 AM

1 Attachment(s)
See the attached sample.

teognost 10-22-2020 08:31 AM

I am using VBP 9.7 and cannot open your sample.I installed VBP 10.3 trial version but i get this message "The evaluation version is limited to 50 steps." so cannot test it.Could you please send me the sampe compatible with VBP 9.7?

kinook 10-22-2020 09:36 AM





in the file.

teognost 10-22-2020 05:05 PM

Thanks,i tried with the version change and it worked.
I compared my step with the one from sample,they both looked the same but yours has the correct behaviour failing if source folder does not exist.I looked deeper and i found you implemented a script for this step:
Sub vbld_StepDone()

If Not vbld_FSO.FolderExists(vbld_StepProp("Source", vbString)) Then Step.BuildStatus = vbldStepStatFailed

End Sub

Thanks a lot for your help!

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