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kinook 02-24-2005 08:17 AM

What's special about Rebuild Selected, build rules and iterating actions?
When using Rebuild Selected (Ctrl+F7) or the Test button on the step properties dialog, build rules, checked status, and completion status are ignored and the selected step(s) are built unconditionally (and failure steps are not executed on failure). This functionality is an ad hoc feature to explicitly build only the selected steps and allow build rules and status to be ignored.

Rebuild Selected (and the Test button on the Step Properties dialog) can't be used in conjunction with the Process Files and Loop action and their child steps, because these are iterating steps that depend on the build context and step status (or a step with a conditional build rule because build rules are ignored in this case). Some alternatives are:

1) Select the Process Files step or step with a build rule and choose Rebuild Step Group (Shift+F8).

2) Select the step, choose Start From Cursor (Alt+F10), select the step following the last Process Files child step, and choose Build to Cursor (Ctrl+F10); then stop the build when it breaks on the selected step.

3) Add a breakpoint following the step children, select the step, and choose Build From Cursor (Alt+F7).

4) Put the step + child steps in a subroutine (on the Subroutine Steps tab), add a Subroutine Call step in the project steps to call the subroutine, and Rebuild Selected can then be done on the Subroutine Call step.

See the for a description of all the available build methods. Also see these related forum threads:

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Finally, be aware that:
* A Process Files or Loop action must be a child of a subroutine step (it can't be the subroutine entry point). Use a Group action as the subroutine entry point and the iterating step as a child of it.

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