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wordmuse 06-25-2013 04:14 PM

Snippets pane
Being happy as a kid in a candy store to see that URP continues being developed, I figure it's time to start up the old brain to come up with suggestions of things that would help me (and maybe others too).

Here's my first: I'd like to have a "snippets" pane where I can include all kinds of reusable text and source code. I'd like the list of snippets to be classifiable, if not hierarchical. Thus I could have a set of snippets called "URLs" and another called "citations."

Double-clicking a snippet would insert it at the cursor, whether that be in an item, in an item's note pane or in a search query box.

And if there could be a second generation development of this, maybe snippets could include rich text and binaries.

- Bal

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