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Adarnvoid 04-09-2008 01:11 PM

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I appear to be experiencing a similar problem. However, my problem appeared after I changed PCs. Both my old and new computers were running Win XP SP2, and I had very similar array of software on both machines. The only significant difference (and this may be a red herring) is that the new machine is a dual core. Here are some details about how this problem presents in my case...

• Appears in both VBP 6.4 and 6.7
• There are ~20 developers at my site building the same steps on a regular basis (none have experienced this problem). The other developers are:
o using both VBP 6.4 and 6.7
o using Win XP, Vista, maybe some Win 2000 left
o some are using dual core machines some are not
• Using the VBP GUI I'm building a subset of steps (~150 steps out of a total of ~2300)
• The steps being build are all VS6 and VS.NET
o Don’t think I have seen a freeze on a VS.NET (but represent < 5% of steps)
• Typically it will freeze on 4 – 8 of the ~130 steps being build
• When a freeze occurs:
o It happens after project is compiled and linked (95% are .DLLs or .ENUs) the “Performing registration” step appears in the Output window in VBP.
o There is no significant VBP, compiler, or linker activity (in the CPU cycles)
o I have to stop the build (it takes maybe 5-7 seconds typically) then I get the following message in the Output window:
 Error firing vbld_StepDone event: Error in System (VBScript) script code at Line 383, Column 1 (timeout)
o I then restart the build and the step will complete without issue (although typically freeze on some later step in the build).

I have attached an excerpt from the Output window (see attached OutputWindow.rtf). I can also attach the .bld file but I want to make sure that will be private first (this is my first post to this forum so I’m still learning). Providing the source being compiled will be a little bit more complicated, because there are issues of propriety and licensing for required third party libraries; but if it becomes necessary for your (Kinook) to build this in order to diagnose the issue we can probably arrange that.

Please let me know if you require any further information.


Adarnvoid 04-09-2008 01:59 PM

Thanks, I will give that a try. In part because of this problem I try to rebuild as infrequently as possible, so it might be a couple of weeks before I try this again, but when I do I'll use the mta switch and report the results. BTW, VBP does have help for the /mta switch, and it has to do with the threading model used, and according to that help a change was made in VBP 6.3 to the threading model is used. Given the an X-factor for me was the change to a dual-core machine, it would seem possible that this could be related (maybe I have a different hyper-thread setting in by BIOS than do other people in my office). Anyhow, I'll let you know how it works as soon as find out. Thanks for the suggestion.

Adarnvoid 09-22-2008 03:55 PM

Multiple CPU involved
The /mta option didn't seem to have any influence on the problem for me. However, I was tinkering with my BIOS settings and that seems to be involved. With the "Multiple CPU Core" set to ON I experience the build freeze, but not when it is turned off. In case anyone at Kinook is going to investigate this further here is some info on my BIOS:

-Dell Optiplex 745
-BIOS Version: 2.4.1

I found that there are updates available (2.6.1 being the newest) but the IPI information wasn't very useful, so I'm not optimistic about it resolving anything. If I do apply it, it resolves the issue, I will reply to this forum.

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