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Kim 01-15-2004 01:53 AM

How do I change InstallShield DevStudio 9 path variables?
InstallShield DevStudio 9 are using path variables to files that are included in the build. How can I use VisualBuildProfessional to change the value of these path variables?

Any ideas?


kevina 01-15-2004 09:13 PM

I'm not quite sure what you mean, it sounds like you might want to change some paths in your InstallShield scripts from some path to another. Is that correct?

If this is your need, there is nothing in Visual Build Pro that can do that automatically. You might be able to use the 'Replace in File' action to do this.

If this is not what you were asking, please provide a bit more detail and I will try to assist.



Kim 01-16-2004 09:20 AM

There is an article describing MSI Automation (InstallShield Developer 7 project), and modifying the ISPathVariable table, but this require SQL knowledge.

Path Variables are helpful when changing build environment, and are located in the direct editor tables. The InstallShield article describes a method to change these variables using MSI Automation and SQL queries. I don't have any SQL skills and need help to how I can accomplish this.

kevina 01-16-2004 09:38 AM

The vbscript that is demonstrated in the page you provided can be used as demonstrated with a Run Script step. Just insert a Run Script step, and paste in the sample code, then modify it to suite your specific needs.

If you need sql assistance specific to the changes you need to make to the InstallShield tables, I would suggest contacting InstallShield or perhaps using a FAQ/newsgroup/forum related to InstallShield.

Perhaps some Visual Build Pro users with this specific experience can chime in here with some ideas/suggestions/assistance?

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