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kinook 03-03-2005 07:56 AM

How to export UR attribute data to an Microsoft Access database
Ultra Recall supports exporting of item attribute information in CSV (comma-delimited) format, which can be useful for importing data into other database applications for various purposes, such as reporting or integration with other applications. This article describes the steps involved in exporting the data to Microsoft Access.

1) Export the data from Ultra Recall. Select all the items to export, either by manually selecting each item to export (use Ctrl+click or Shift+click to select multiple or a range of items), or create a search that includes all items (for instance all Contact items), then select all of the search results (Ctrl+A). Choose File | Export on the UR menu bar, select 'Item attributes to a comma-delimited file', choose a filename and click Finish to create the file.

2) Start Microsoft Access (instructions are for Access 2000 but should be similar for other versions) and create a new blank database. Choose File | Get External Data | Link Tables on the menu. In the Files of type drop-down, select Text Files (*.txt; *.csv; *.tab; *.asc), and browse to or enter the filename created in step 1. On the first wizard page, check "First Row Contains Field Names" and change Text Qualifier to " (double quote). After completing the wizard, the Access database will contain a table with all the exported UR data, which can be used for queries, reporting, etc.

3) The Access database can be updated with the latest UR data by exporting again from UR to the same file. Since the table is linked to that file, any changes to it will be reflected in the Access database.

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