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kinook 07-31-2008 04:32 PM

Minimizing updates to the database (single-user mode)
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There are several Ultra Recall features that can cause a UR database file to be modified automatically in the background.

1) Ultra Recall (Professional edition only) supports multiple user access to a shared database on a network, and when this feature is enabled, the database file will be updated every minute to track which items are currently being edited by each user.

This feature adds almost no overhead and won't affect most users, but it could potentially affect automatic backup or sync processes such as Google Drive or Dropbox and can be disabled if database access will not be shared with other users on the local network.

To enable or disable multi-user mode, exit UR, download and extract the attachment at the bottom of this post, double-click EnableMultiUserMode.reg or DisableMultiUserMode.reg, and restart UR.

2) By default, UR keeps track of the last accessed date+time for each item that is selected by the user (available in the Date Accessed attribute), which modifies the database when navigating around in a database. To disable these updates (and also disable tracking of the access date of each item), set Tools | Options | Trees (More) | Delay before updating item access date to 0 and click OK.

3) By default, UR will periodically save any changes that the user makes to the details of an item that is edited internally (which aren't already saved manually by the user or by navigating to another item, etc.). To disable auto-save of detail changes, set Tools | Options | Editor | Auto-save changes every x minutes to 0.

Of course, any modifications the user makes to a database (including editing an item and navigating elsewhere, saving detail changes, editing attributes, expand/collapse state in the tree, favorites, importing, adding, deleting, syncing, etc.) will cause the database file to be modified. This is expected behavior.

Another way to prevent any database updates (automatic or user initiated) is to close UR and pass the /readonly command-line flag when starting, or make the file read-only on disk (via Explorer file properties), restart UR, and reopen the database.

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