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Too_Tall_Crown_Victoria 08-30-2007 11:57 AM

Integration with Static Anaysis tools
We are integrating Coverity Prevent statis analysis tools into our build script. The tool runs by calling a Coverity shell first and then passing the arguments to MS_DEV to build.

This mean that we have to remove all of our MS .NET step and change them to command prompt steps.

My question to you is, are there plans to integrate a action to call a static anaylsis tool that calls MS_DEV for a particular project or solution, to avoid the command line step.



kinook 08-30-2007 03:24 PM

It would have to be a custom action specifically for Coverity, since it's highly likely that every static analysis tool uses different command-line flags. But it doesn't appear that Coverity makes their product easily available for evaluation, which would be needed for us to integrate into VBP. In addition to calling from a Run Program action, you could wrap it with a custom user action.

Now, if Coverity would just support the same flags as msdev (or a superset), the Make VC6 action could continue to be used by overriding the default msdev location and specifying any Coverity-specific flags in the additional values field.

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