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kinook 06-09-2006 03:24 PM

Version 2.0a
Released on June 9, 2006

  • Trim blanks from values during CSV import.
  • Rename Document toolbar to Database toolbar.

    Bug fixes
  • Delete from search results not working.
  • Cross-DB move copies instead of moves.
  • 'Send to Ultra Recall (link)' Internet Explorer/Maxthon right-click menu item not working.
  • Crash when switching tabs immediately after opening web page in new tab (before page finishes loading).
  • Access violation on exit with floating Data Explorer pane.
  • Auto script proxy settings not honored for web import.
  • Sporadic access violation errors after import from Firefox or if importing from external source and UR not already running.
  • Duplicate URL detection doesn't track redirected URLs.
  • Command-line import processed again when creating new database.
  • Issues with precedence handling in Advanced Searches.
  • Set default docked location of Outlook toolbar.
  • Ampersand characters in database filename not escaped in Database toolbar.

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