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tfj 07-12-2006 12:37 AM

Item Notes
UltraRecall is an outstanding product, overall the best of its kind, and it is getting better month by month (I just installed 2.0c). Once it equals AskSam 6.1 in its searching function, it will have no real competition.

One weakness, however, is the help files, which seem to be written by the people who create and design the program, a big no-no.

I have a question about Item Notes. Because the right-click in Item Notes does not work, I downloaded the zipped file from kinook so as to install a "better" riched20.dll.

I did a search and found that my computer already has at least three such dlls, as follows:

in the UltraRecall folder: v 6.0 (1.7 MB) 12.4017.1003

in the system32 folder: v. 3.0 (412 KB)

in the Office 11 folder: v. 5.0 (421 KB) (this is the same version as the zipped file from kinook)

When I try to replace the dll in the system32 folder (presumably I should use the one located in the UltraRecall folder, namely, v. 6.0 12.4017.1003, right?), I get a "you can't do that because it is being used by another file or program" error message. Even though I close all programs I still get this message. How do I delete the old dll and replace it with the "better" one?

Another question about Item Notes: where are they stored? And is there a limit on the number of Item Notes in a database (or in a specific test, or the size of a particular Note)? And if there is eventually a ton of them scattered here and there, will this slow things down or create problems? I couldn't find much information about Item Notes, so that's why I'm asking.

kinook 07-12-2006 08:18 AM

Regarding the context menu not working, you should *replace* the riched20.dll in the UltraRecall folder (with UR not running; UR will use that one if it exists) with the one from our site, since that is what is causing the problem.

It would be interesting to know where this problem 6.0 file came from (UR itself doesn't install riched20.dll but only copies from your highest Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Officexx folder if found and you choose the option to do so during installation). Did you have an Office 2007 beta previously installed?

As far as replacing the one in your system folder, I wouldn't recommend it, but you would need to terminate all processes that are using that particular DLL (tools like Process Explorer [1]) can help with that). You also need admin rights, and Windows may revert to a cached copy even if you do replace it.

Regarding Item Notes, they're stored in the .urd file along with the rest of the data. Each item can have notes, and you can have essentially an unlimited number of items in a db. The size of a note is only limited by what the rich edit control can handle, which is also pretty large. Obviously, the more notes you add, the larger the db will become, but having a lot of notes shouldn't create any problems.


dasymington 07-12-2006 11:06 AM

After upgrading to version 2c I also got the problem of lost context menu items. When upgrading I chose the option to use the Office rich edit control and, yes, I do have the Microsoft Office 2007 beta installed. I've replaced the rich edit control with the one from your site and all seems to be OK again.

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