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karelt 02-09-2019 11:04 AM

Insert child (menu) for toolbars

is there anywhere a description of the following, pls?

Insert child (menu) *)
[Insert Template] (for prev menu)
Insert Sibling (menu) *)
[Insert Template] (for prev menu)

*) These are probably the buttons that appear in the default Tree toolbar under the same names.

After placing these menus into a toolbar I have not found a way to insert anything to these menus.

There are also keyboard shortcuts under Tree:
Insert Child | [Insert Template]
Insert Sibling | [Insert Template]
...and I assume these refer to the item(s) on the menu that can be created using the Tree/Insert child (menu) and Insert Sibling (menu).

Haven't found any description though.

Any advice, pls?
Many thanks in advance!

kinook 02-09-2019 05:24 PM

Those items are not customizable in UR.

karelt 02-10-2019 01:08 PM

Thanks for your kind reply!

Do I understand correctly, that neither the
Insert child (menu)
Insert Sibling (menu)

nor the
[Insert Template]
[Insert Template]

can be used by me on my toolbars?
If that is the case they are probably used by the first two buttons of the Tree toolbar, right? The "Insert Child", "Insert Sibling" buttons?

Thanks in advance!

kinook 02-10-2019 06:47 PM

That is correct.

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