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Jon Polish 06-10-2012 05:24 PM

Version 5.0
I don't mean this with disrespect. Understand that I have a great appreciation for the effort expended in making and improving UR. However, after seeing the list of enhancements, I must say that I am very disappointed. What happened to the calendar, the dual explorer panes, the ability to search multiple databases, etc? This is not a new version at all. It is more like a point upgrade, one that I am unlikely to purchase.


Jon Polish 06-11-2012 08:11 AM

...and I am not alone. See this thread on the Outliner Software forum.

critStock 06-11-2012 03:45 PM

The feature of greatest interest to me is the Keyword Pane. This seems to have been high on the roadmap at least since July 2008 ( and was "planned" for quite some time, too, as I recall. I really don't see much for me in this upgrade. As a user for four years, I'm disappointed.

igoldsmid 06-11-2012 07:10 PM

i purchased an upgrade because ...
i purchased an upgrade because:

1. I rely on Ultrarecall to run my sales pipeline - Until TreeProjects fully replicates all the customization - Ultrarecall is far and away the only tool with enough customizable sophistication to run my business with.

2. I agree with everybody that Version 5, at this point, is definitely not a major upgrade. However, I trust Kinook's integrity and I fully expect that many of the promised road map features will appear in version 5 in the near future.

It would be great to see a clarification from Kinook about that.

tfjern 06-11-2012 07:54 PM

Kinook, this should be a free upgrade, say 4.3. $50? No way, Jose! You have let us down, Kinook! Big time! Repent! :(

Hilary 06-12-2012 05:49 AM

Also, Kinook... I want UR to have a decent calendar and easy-to-use tagging, and I'd be more than happy to pay for that. Seriously. I know what people say they would pay for and what they actually do is different, but this one is real. I'd pay in advance, too, as 'igoldsmid' is hoping to have done. How about something like a Kickstarter project, where you don't produce the new features until a certain amount of money is raised?

But asking us to pay up now for no appreciable change in user experience at all? :confused:

I won't be buying this upgrade. That doesn't mean I am not sitting here cash in hand ready to buy one that actually makes progress along the roadmap.

Sascha 06-12-2012 08:54 AM

no comment on this "major"-update!

I purchased v4.2 - therefore there are not so many new features for me, in this release - why should I pay for that???


$bill 06-12-2012 10:12 AM

Happy to upgrade!
Yes I am a happy upgrader!

Why? UR is a robust, mature, reliable product as it stands. I want it to be supported and kept current...(remember that Firefox and Chrome browser seem to change versions everyday, Windows 8 and next MS Office will be out soon). I recognize that the costs to do this are substantial. I am happy to contribute $0.05 per day ($50 over 3 yr upgrade cycle) for the value I get from UR.

I agree with igoldsmid's expectation that additional new features may be released soon. The history of UR releases in 4.0 supports that viewpoint. I hope that my upgrade purchase will encourage them to do so.

yfuser 06-12-2012 05:38 PM

Thanks for fixing the issue of running under Windows 8! I reported the issue originally. But I have to agree with others that $50 is very unreasonable for this change (which you can argue to be a fix instead of new feature) and other very minor new features. I have already switched to other tools, but I am happy to come back if the price is reasonable or free or good features are added for the price.

Mr.B 06-12-2012 08:28 PM


Thanks for fixing the issue of running under Windows 8
V3 wouldn't run with windows7.

Now.. v4 won't run with windows8? .. is this correct
I'll doubt I'll jump for this upgrade/update .. I'm sorry

Jon Polish 06-12-2012 09:32 PM


Originally Posted by $bill (Post 19644)
I agree with igoldsmid's expectation that additional new features may be released soon. The history of UR releases in 4.0 supports that viewpoint. I hope that my upgrade purchase will encourage them to do so.

I hope I am wrong but I think that the evidence contradicts you. Fortunately fifty dollars is not of great consequence to me, but I am offended that not one of the major new features in the roadmap were included in this "major" release. Would you buy a new car based on a hunch that the manufacturer will install the air conditioning at some unspecified time in the future?


wordmuse 06-16-2012 10:32 AM

When I saw the announcement for Version 5, I felt like a kid waiting to go to Disneyland.

But when I arrived at the gates, there was virtually nothing to be excited about.

What was the point of making suggestions and having a roadmap?

I just don't get it.

- Bal

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