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kevina 06-17-2005 10:44 AM

How can I import Appointments, Contacts and Tasks from Microsoft Outlook?
With the Ultra Recall Outlook Toolbar
Starting with Ultra Recall 1.4, an Ultra Recall Outlook Toolbar is available for Microsoft Outlook (installed during the installation of Ultra Recall, simply reinstall UR if not currently available). Simply select the desired objects to import in Outlook, then click the appropriate Toolbar button to import (either the Copy or Link button as desired).

Drag & Drop:
- Drag the objects (emails, appointments, etc) to the appropriate location in the Data Explorer (DE).
Note: if the appropriate (UR) instance is not visible (covered or minimized), you can drag your selection onto the taskbar icon for UR (pause for a second) and that UR instance will be brought to the top for dropping onto.
Note2: if the target Info Item isn't visible in the DE, if you hover (while still depressing the mouse button) at the top or bottom area of the DE, it will scroll up or down respectively.
Note3: You can control whether the content is linked or stored (for urls) with the following keys: Ctrl forces storage, Alt forces linkage, adding Shift forces a move (deleting the original), when applicable.
Note4: You can also right-drag most things which will give you several drop options (link/store/move)

Copy & Paste:
1) Copy the desired emails, tasks, etc onto the clipboard, by selecting them then Edit | Copy or Ctrl+C
2) Paste the clipboard contents into an UR instance:
- focus the appropriate instance of UR, navigate to Info Item in the DE, and use Edit | Paste (Ctrl+V) to create links*, Edit | Paste Special | Copy (Ctrl+Shift+V) to store* or one of the Edit | Paste Special options to paste a specific format.
- focus the last used instance of UR, then paste the clipboard contents: use the Activation Hotkey (configured @ Tools | Options | General , default is Win + Z), then navigate/paste as above
- Paste into the default location (either the bold Info Item or the Imported Items Info Item, configured @ Tools | Options | Import ) in the last used instance of UR, using the Import Clipboard Contents Hotkey (configured @ Tools | Options | Import , default is Win + V).
- Paste into the last used UR instance using the UR tray icon (by default in the bottom right, to the left of the system time): right-click on the UR tray icon, then choose Paste Clipboard Contents.

System tray icon / notification area
1) In Outlook, select then copy the desired objects (Ctrl+C from keyboard, Edit | Copy on menu)
2) Right-click the UR tray icon, and choose Paste Clipboard Contents

1) In Outlook, select then copy (Ctrl+C from keyboard, Edit | Copy on menu)
2) Type Windows+V (or the shortcut configured at 'Tools | Options | Import | Import clipboard contents hotkey').

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