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johnhebert 11-10-2004 01:11 PM

"runas administrator" installs supported?
I am a newbie to software deployment on Microsoft, so please be gentle. :)

Simple question: Does Visual Build Pro have the capability to create install packages that can be run as an administrator?

URL references to more info would be greatly appreciated!


kevina 11-10-2004 03:12 PM

Visual Build Professional doesn't build install packages, but it does have custom actions for several applications that do... Your question should be directed at the installer creation application you intend to use, not Visual Build Pro.

I can't imagine a reason that any install package couldn't be run as administrator, did you mean run without admin rights?

johnhebert 11-10-2004 03:17 PM

aha. now I understand

Thanks for the reply. I suspected as much from my reading of the VBP docs, but I wanted to confirm it to satisfy my boss's questions.


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