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dataflux 01-30-2008 03:54 PM

PATH that is used when 'Make VS.NET' action runs
We are noticing a problem when building projects using this action. In some cases, cpp files don't get rebuilt when a header file in a path specified in the include path changes. We think we've tracked down the problem to how the Microsoft vcbuild.exe program works. Ultimately, Microsoft requires that the /Common7/IDE path be in the PATH in order for this to function properly.

In VBP I assume that this action (which I assume calls vcbuild.exe) will inherit the environment (and thus the PATH) that VBP saw when it started up. Is this correct?

Is there any way I can specify a specific path that VBP should use when calling this action?

I know I could probably alter the PATH on the system, but this is less desirable as I want to minimize impact.

Here is the MS problem report describing this problem:

kinook 01-30-2008 04:32 PM

Based on that link, it appears that one workaround may be to use devenv rather than vcbuild (select devenv in the Override field on the Options tab of the Make VS.NET action).

Yes, VBP will inherit the PATH of the process that started it, so another option would be to start VBP from a Visual Studio Command Prompt.

Or, you can alter the PATH environment during the build by using a Set Macro action to create a temporary PATH macro, with 'Add to environment variables' checked and a Value like %PATH%;c:\extra\path1;c:\extra\path2...

dataflux 01-30-2008 04:35 PM

Thanks. You guys are helpful as always. I think we'll go the route of setting the PATH from our build script so that we can keep it isolated.

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