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endever 03-13-2003 06:10 AM

Conditional Branching
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Sorry this takes some explaining:

I have many steps to my build proc's so I have split them into separate scripts.

I have created a script that will run them all, at each step asking the builder if he/she wants to run the next step. This "asking" has been achieved by using some VBscript.

Most of the steps have sub steps that also ask if you want to continue i.e

-Build Progs?
|-Build Progs.
|-Copy Progs?
|--Copy Progs to Test folder.

I don't want the copy progs to be run if the build progs wasn't run. However even though the build and copy steps are skipped, the questions are not.

What am I missing? (I have attached a brief example of my problem.)



kinook 03-13-2003 09:32 AM

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Build rules are evaluated from the bottom up, so even though the parent step is skipped, the child step's build rule is evaluated first to determine if that step will be skipped. It's implemented this way to support the options to nest or not nest build rules and checked status of steps.

There are a couple ways to get around this:

1) Move the child steps of Build Progs into a subroutine and call that subroutine from a child step of Build Progs. Build rules in subroutines are not evaluated if the subroutine isn't called.

2) Use a separate Run Script step to prompt for whether to build, which sets a temporary macro value according to the input, and then have the child step's conditional build rule reference that macro. The prompt step will be skipped if the parent was skipped.

Both methods are demonstrated in the attached file.

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