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DrGonzo 07-26-2006 11:53 AM

Some really interesting questions
Hello kinook,

we proceed in our build automation and consequently more and more questions occur.

Could You please try to give me an answer to the following issues:

Is it possible to use a script within a build step, that is able to read the VisualStudio IDE?

Is it possible to use this script, to load a project within a build step?

Is it possible to use a script, to get further information about attributes of a project (e.g. libraries)?

And last, is it possible to use this script to compile this project afterwards?

Thank You,

Yours Dr_Gonzo

kevina 07-27-2006 10:27 AM

I don't believe I understand your questions, what do "read the IDE" and "load the project" mean and what "attributes" do you want to get? These sound like are asking if Visual Build Pro can automate the Visual Studio IDE -- if so, no, this is not the purpose of the Visual Build product.

You can customize/extend Visual Build Pro to do almost anything (it is very extensible with script and custom user actions) and can likely automate any build process that can be automated. If I have misunderstood your questions, please ask them again with more details.

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