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Ivan 02-02-2008 05:17 PM

Remove duplicates
I'm not sure if this has come up already but I have found myself on a number of occasions with duplicate mail items - could there be a way automate the removal of duplicates - or at lease to display duplicates only to facilitate their manual removal?

armsys 02-03-2008 02:45 AM

Not sure if your suggestion may relate to Outlook, which is often the source of duplicate emails. Please clarify. Thanks.

Ivan 02-03-2008 09:46 AM

Yes outlook is usually the source of this problem for me. I might unintentionally drag the contents of an outlook folder to an ur3 item more than once and have a host of duplicates. I am thinking of something similar to a function in Zoot that allows duplicates to be deleted automatically.


armsys 02-03-2008 10:23 AM

I could only propose a primitive solution:
1. search the recently created Info Items;
2. sort by Item Title;
3. delete the duplicates manually.

Ivan 02-03-2008 12:34 PM

Thanks for the help - I'll give it a try.

quant 02-03-2008 06:37 PM

I don't have an outlook, so don't know whether it works the same (ie. whether importing from outlook stores some kind of URL), but there is "create logically linked items for duplicate URL" setting, which should make clear that item already exists in UR file if you by mistake import it second time.
And if you have parents pane open (which I do all the time in my main layout to have the whole picture of my data structure), you can immediately see the location of the existing item.

kinook 02-04-2008 11:16 AM

As long as the URL as reported for the item by Outlook doesn't change (which it apparently does for some users in some cases), UR will identify the same item getting imported again and logically link to the existing item rather than duplicating.

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