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mweinberger 07-09-2006 02:03 AM

Error building/cleaning VS.Net solution
I added a 'Make VS.Net' step, where the only non default entry is the complete path to the solution to my Microsoft Visual Studio.Net 2003 C++ project. Whenever I try to clean or build the project, I get the following message:

7/8/2006 11:47:21 PM: Building project step 'Make VS.NET - Clean'...
Item has already been added. Key in dictionary: '17FF1AC2-4788-4054-9696-8B4E4D6C1E74' Key being added: '17FF1AC2-4788-4054-9696-8B4E4D6C1E74'
7/8/2006 11:47:22 PM: Step 'Make VS.NET - Clean' failed
7/8/2006 11:47:22 PM: Build ended.

Please note, that I can bring up Visual Studio 2003 (VS03) and perform a batch build and then everything builds/cleans with no errors or warnings.

What can the problem be? Thanks in advance,

kinook 07-10-2006 08:01 AM

mweinberger 07-10-2006 09:19 AM

Thanks for the reply. That link did resolve the core problem, but I'm still getting some sort of other issue, which I'll resolve I'll try and resolve on Wednesday evening, when I get back, so for now I'd like to keep this service incident open. More to come on Thursday.


mweinberger 07-13-2006 12:27 AM

This last bug took me a while, but I found it. Using the IDE, the release build comes before the debug build, which in my project is important. VBPro when selecting "All" builds the debug configuration first, which broke my build. The solution was to uncheck "All" and select "Release" and then duplicate the step and selecting "Debug" after that. Now everything builds cleanly!

Thanks for all the help. VBPro is great!

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