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Jon Polish 11-28-2014 10:43 AM

Feature requests
I am sure I am not alone in wondering when and if items on the roadmap will be incorporated. For me, the additions I need in order of importance, are these:
  1. Multi-select list values for attributes
  2. Add columns to Data Explorer pane
  3. Enhanced calendar pane

I rely on this program every day and these long overdue additions would be most appreciated.

By the way these already exist in one of your competitor's programs which remains actively developed. But with these exceptions (and a few others) that program is not as feature rich or as versatile as UR.

Thank you.


hartmut 11-30-2014 04:15 AM

I will add a fourth one
4. Search over several databases

Which for me is the most important


wordmuse 12-08-2014 06:01 AM

Put this in the "for whatever it's worth - probably not much - column"

I check in every now and then.

In the past, I was one of Kinook's biggest fans and most ardent supporters. I frequenlty made suggestions, and found Kinook to be receptive (hoist is in here, I think, because I and others made such a strong case and were friendly, but firmly insistent about it).

But I've had no choice but to look for alternatives. I'm guessing this is not the way things were intended when the roadmap was created. But it is clear that either other things have assumed much greater priority or there has been a loss of interest in developing this in accord with the roadmap. Changes, if and when they come, seem to be mainly unrelated to the roadmap and can be best described as tweaks. Some useful, to be sure, but still not of major interest to me (and perhaps to others who had their suggestions appear on the roadmap).

I wish things were different, but they are what they are. If there is a version 6 and it is anything like the release of version 5, I won't be buying it. The roadmap is important to me. I'd love nothing better than to buy a new version, but it has to be per the roadmap.

Chief in my preferences - from the roadmap:
* multi-database search
* enhanced tag pane and tagging
* calendar enhancement
* Open multiple items in separate windows

With these, I'd have a reason to try and hopefully buy a version 6. I'd really like to be able to do so as I remain a fan despite my disappointment with the direction of things.

- Bal

quant 12-21-2014 06:10 PM

sigh ...

anyway, Merry Xmas everyone!

wordmuse 12-21-2014 07:22 PM

Yes - Merry Christmas, etc.

You know - URP is still a powerhouse tool. Even if dev has slowed or moved off the road map. While I would much prefer to see robust development, I have nothing but respect for what Kinook has produced.

- Bal

kinook 04-30-2015 11:53 AM

Multiple selection of attribute values was implemented in v5.2.

Jon Polish 05-06-2015 01:08 PM

Thank you!!

wordmuse 05-06-2015 03:19 PM

+1 on thank you!

URExplorer 05-09-2015 02:35 PM


Originally Posted by kinook (Post 21094)
Multiple selection of attribute values was implemented in v5.2.

Got that today, thanks.

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