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tfj 01-29-2006 09:39 PM

Lost Data
Greetings. I am using Windows XP, and a trial version of Ultra Recall 1.4b. I am currently testing the program before I buy it, and up to this morning I was very impressed. One of the reasons I have abandoned AskSam 6.0 is that it occasionally lost data, and what good is a database that loses stored data! Well, this morning this is what seems to have happened with Ultra Recall -- lost data.

I have several text notes (from the Template's "Text") where I entered some data after WORD 2003 was opened. In the Ultra Recall Options I have these file extensions indicated:


Last night these texts opened without any problem, and this morning they apparently still contain the text (as can be seen regarding the keywords indicated in the system tray). When I put the mouse inside the Item Details window, nothing can be typed (and the mouse stays centered in the middle), and as I said, unlike last night, WORD 2003 does not open any longer in this particular notes. Could you please explain why the data is not appearing, and / or why WORD doesn't open in these notes? If I create a new text (using the same template), everything is OK (WORD opens and the text can be entered).

kevina 01-30-2006 09:10 AM

You list the extensions "indicated", what option has these extensions specified? Are you editing with Word 2003 within Ultra Recall, or externally? From the list you provided, I would guess you are listing extensions for the Browser "File extensions to display in internal browser view" option...

If you Repair the database, is the problem resolved? Repair is accessed at Tools | Compact and Repair... (just check the Repair database checkbox).

If the .urd file you have created is small and doesn't contain any sensitive information, please send it (before repairing) to in its present state, we would like to take a look at it (this isn't a known issue).

tfj 01-30-2006 09:22 AM

Lost Data
I have already sent you a copy of the file. Please take a quick look at it. I'm sure the problem has to do with my misunderstanding of the internal/ external document / text editing function. By the way, it might be better to provide a more detailed and simple explanation for this function, as well as the differences between document and text templates.

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