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dalevine 04-24-2009 05:45 AM

Retrieving command line parameters passed to build script
I am converting an existing batch file driven build to Visual Builder. The batch file accesses some command line parameters passed to it like this:

rem ************************************************** *************************
rem process command line args; check if this is a restart.
set _arg=%0
if "%_arg%"=="" goto :EndArgLoop
if /i "%_arg%"=="restart" set ReleaseBuildStep=BuildStart&&goto :ArgLoop
if /i "%_arg:~0,9%"=="startstep" set ReleaseBuildStep=%_arg:~10,30%& goto :ArgLoop

rem ************************************************** *************************

How would I do this, or its equivalent, in Visual Builder?

kinook 04-24-2009 09:37 AM

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The VBP way to do this would be to pass macro values on the command-line (i.e., RESTART=y STARTSTEP=xyz), which will be available as temporary macros in the called project.

You can then reference these macros (i.e. %RESTART%) in build rules and other step fields in the project.

You can also iterate over all temporary macros using the object model (see attached sample).

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