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seanferns 07-11-2012 11:05 AM

A few queries
After playing around with URP for a while, I have a few queries.

1. undo/redo does not work as expected for modifying externally linked items. For an internal item (RTF Text) or a stored item, you can navigate to different items and return to the item being edited. After that, undo still works fine. But for an external item once you navigate to a different item the undo functionality is disabled.

2. is it possible to control the delay to expand an item in DE when dragging an item over it ? All items seem to rapidly expand. A 500 ms delay might be helpful. The Trees(More) => Delay before auto-expanding... option is selected but doesn't seem to be helping.

3. is there anyway to mark items in the DE as readonly ?

4. I need .reg files to be readonly and .sql files to be editable. Both are stored in UR. How do I achieve this ? I tried playing around with the options under Documents and Editor but it seems that both files are treated as text as rely on the .txt extension.

5. How do I create a hyperlink to an executable and pass parameters to it ?

kinook 07-11-2012 12:51 PM

1. Editing of external files is not part of UR undo/redo, which is for changes to the .urd file.

2. Not directly. The tree control might use some Windows setting for the delay if not specified (it also supports being set explicitly, but there isn't currently a way to set that in UR). What we do is also check Tools | Options | Trees (More) | Auto-expand only when dragging over item +/- button and then hover over the button only when we want to expand.

3. No

4. Remove .txt and .reg, and add .sql (and any other specific text file extensions to make writeable) to Tools | Options | Documents | File extensions to open stored documents writeable. .txt is a generic extension that applies to all files classified as text.

5. Create a shortcut and link to that file, or see

seanferns 07-12-2012 02:14 AM

on point 4, as long as I have a .txt file imported into UR it becomes impossible to have control on an individual extension. I think there shouldn't be an internal classification as .txt and rely specifically on the list of extensions specified.

on point 5, I registered my own protocol handler and can achieve what I need. The thing is UR doesn't highlight it as it does for http/mailto etc.
Further to that, how do i get the behaviour of the mailto protocol. If i click a http/file/https link it seems to be using the IEcontrol but on clicking a mailto link it just shows the outlook new email window. This may not be UR specific but I would just like to know how do I duplicate that behaviour. The intended effect is to stay on the current note and not have to click the back button.

kinook 07-12-2012 06:57 AM

I'm not sure, those are implemented by the MS rich edit control or Windows itself.

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