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seanferns 02-05-2012 11:25 PM

Quick Search syntax
I am having trouble working with the quick search feature and don't quite understand the format required. For example,
create a new database.
create a Note and give it the title "Stress Types"
In the text of the note type:

Now go to quick search and type the following:
stress http => nothing found
stress http* => note is found
stress* http* => note is found
*stress* http* => nothing is found
*stress* *http* => nothing is found

The first one doesn't work because "http" is not present and "https" is, so the wildcard is needed. But the other four should and only 2 and 3 do.
How should this be done ?

Further to that when executing the fourth search I sometimes get the error:
Error saving item: Error committing transaction: database is locked
and cpu usage goes to 100% and the error comes again. I need to kill UltraRecall from the task manager and relaunch. The error continues to repeat and files with mj extension are created in the folder containing the urd file which I delete for it to work again.

kinook 02-06-2012 09:50 AM

The wildcard can only go the beginning or end of the search phrase, unless you use double quotes to separate terms:

"*stress*" "*http*"

Not sure what could cause the database is locked error, I couldn't reproduce it.

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