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glendhu3 03-06-2003 07:26 PM

SourceSafe actions resetting Working Folder
I'm writing a script that gets code from SourceSafe to a clean BUILD
folder, as opposed to my normal DEVELOPMENT folder.
I'm using a these of SourcSafe actions - Status, GetLatest, CheckOut,
Checkin, UndoCheckOut. After the script has run I want the
SourceSafe working folder for all projects to continue to point to my
DEVELOPMENT folder but calling the SourceSafe actions in Visual
Buidler seems to be setting the Working Folder to the BUILD folder.
All actions (except for the STATUS action) have a macro value in
the "Path for local files" field.
I'm using Visual Buidler 4.6a
Can anyone help?

kinook 03-06-2003 07:27 PM

The only command-line option that should change the VSS working folder for a
user is the WorkFold command. If you're not using that and the working folder
is getting changed by a VSS operation, there may be a bug in VSS, since the
SourceSafe action in VisBuildPro actually calls its command-line program
(ss.exe) to perform the operation. You might also look into the
Force_Dir/Force_Proj variables (or equivalent settings at Tools | Options |
Command Line Options in the VSS Explorer) -- I don't know if those settings
would have any effect on this behavior or not. Finally, as a workaround, you
may want to consider creating a separate 'build' user to be used by your
automated build (which should prevent your own working folders from being

paulblac 03-06-2003 07:30 PM

Kinook is correct -- SourceSafe tracks working folders separately for
all user accounts in a special .INI file on the server, so if you log
in with a different account, the working folders will be different.
I got around your problem by setting up a separate user account in
SourceSafe called 'Autobuild'. This special account is used only for
build scripts and any changes to working folders will not affect
other accounts.
One thing to keep in mind when using the Undo Checkout command. You
must set your working folder before calling this command. Otherwise,
if the checkout folder is different than the current working folder,
the operation will fail.
If you have any other SourceSafe questions, just ask. I've been a
user and administrator for over 2 years and have figured out a thing
or two about it.

Hope this helps.

Paul Blacquiere

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