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Jens 01-15-2015 02:42 AM

Subversion revert example
Hi I would like to revert some files (or all) in a repository that i checked out.
The checkout works fine, but with the revert i always get the error message:

"file:///c:.... some path" is not a local path

I tired to change the protocole type form http to file which did not help. I also tried different ways to enter the local path of the repository but unfortunately i did not find the correct place.

In the samples there is not example for a revert either (or i did not find it).

could anybody help me on this issue?

kinook 01-15-2015 09:35 AM

It appears that the revert command doesn't accept a full path like other commands. I think you would need to use a Run Program action with a command like

svn revert filename

to do that.

Jens 02-06-2015 08:02 AM

Now I got a solution for this issue (by using the Visual Build SVN step):

1. Leave all the fields blank in the repository tab
2. Under Subcommand tab:
- set the path the the WorkingDirectory under Files/Modules to process
- set the WorkingDirectory path under Working directory for local files
3. Under Advanced tab:
- set the following dos command in the Command to run before main command: cd %YOUR_WORKING_DIR%

I think the key thing was the command to change to the working directory. The svn.exe then does not need any explicit host information, but will query them from the database folders of SVN that are stored (hidden) in the working directory

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