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LEADTech 06-07-2007 11:38 AM

InstallShield Objects
I need some help using VisualBuild and InstallShield X actions.

I have 2 “InstallShield” actions:

The first one builds an InstallShield X Object.
After executing this action, the media for the Object is created and all the files correct.

The 2nd action builds an InstallShield X Setup project which links to the Object above. When I try to execute it, it fails and the error output indicates that it fails b/c the Object is not registered.

In the IDE of InstallShield X, the Object becomes registered when you click (Ctrl + F5). I need something in VisualBuild that provides the same function.

kinook 06-07-2007 01:45 PM indicates that "The easiest way to register an object is to use the InstallShield Object Installer." I'm guessing that you need to create a setup project with the InstallShield Object Installer feature configured to register your object, then run that installer on the build box. InstallShield support should be able to provide more details on this or other methods that are available to automate registering IS objects.

Also, implies that object registration information is stored in the registry.

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