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wordmuse 11-26-2011 05:24 PM

directly accessible items from other programs
Evernote recently provided a way that you could copy a note's link and paste it in URP or Word or virtually anything else. When you click the link, it opens Evernote's desktop client and takes you to the note directly.

I have tried this with URP and cannot do it. The best I can do is to create a desktop shortcut and try using that. Not nearly as elegant and it doesn't work for me every time.

This really seems to me to be a "must have" - almost on the same order as hoisting was a few years ago.

Please consider putting this into the roadmap, and if you could give it a high priority position, that would be incredible.

My usual disclaimer: I'm not a techie. I have no idea how difficult or easy it is to implement something like this. I only know that I want it - yesterday. :)

- Bal

hartmut 11-27-2011 09:23 AM

I use since long time the command line from UR which I create by Item-->Copy the item Command line or with "CRL-SHIFT-I" and paste it for example in Libre Office documents as a link.

wordmuse 11-27-2011 10:08 PM

Terrific - thank you very much for that.

So let me change my suggestion to something much simpler.
Change the menu item to something like, "Copy link to this Item."
And in the status bar, say, "Copy this link for accessing item from other applications."

That would make it instantly obvious to slower people like me
what it's for. :)

Thanks again, Hartmut

- Bal

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