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kinook 03-10-2010 05:53 PM

Version 7.5
Released on March 10, 2010

New Actions
  • Bazaar
  • Dimensions
  • Gallio (MbUnit, etc.)
  • Git
  • Maven
  • Mercurial
  • Plastic SCM
  • PureCM
  • SCM Anywhere
  • SourceAnywhere
  • SourceOffSite
  • Windows Virtual PC

    Action Enhancements
  • 7-Zip action: Support 64-bit editions and v9.
  • Ant action: Support v1.8.
  • Copy Files action: Option to only copy files that already exist in destination (Options tab).
  • Doc-To-Help action: Support v2010.
  • Dr.Explain action: Support v4.
  • HTTP action: Option to not escape special characters in macro.
  • InstallAnywhere action: Support v2010.
  • Make VB6 action: Option to not use temporary copy of project file for building (Compatibility tab).
  • Make VS 2010 action: Update for Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2, RC, and RTM.
  • NUnit action: Support v2.5.
  • Perforce action: Support v2009.
  • Read Registry and Write Registry actions: 1) Ability to specify username and password; 2) Support accessing 64-bit registry view.
  • Service action: Ability to specify username and password.
  • Set Macro action: Ability to encrypt macro value.
  • Surround SCM action: Support v2010.
  • VisBuildPro Project action: 1) Option to pass through macros provided on command-line (Parameters tab); 2) Option to specify Start in path (Project tab).
  • Write XML action: Option to remove elements and attributes (XPath tab).

  • Log elapsed build time to Output pane and text format log file.
  • Support multiple day elapsed build times in XML/HTML log files.
  • vbld_FindProcess system script function (VBScript only).
  • Option to build failure steps when build is stopped (Tools | Application Options | General).
  • Ability to include constants from external type libraries in script (Tools | Application Options | Advanced).
  • Option to use LogonUser / CreateProcessAsUser instead of CreateProcessWithLogonW for processes created with alternate user credentials (Advanced tab of Run Program and derived actions). To enable this feature, call Application.Options.UseLogonCreateProcessAsUser = True in a Run Script action.
  • Option for whether to populate computer and service lists on new steps (Tools | User Options | Miscellaneous).

    Bug Fixes
  • GUI App: 1) 'Unable to decrypt data' error could occur when opening project with empty encrypted value; 2) Don't reopen last project on startup if it no longer exists.
  • Builder component: 1) Don't abort script events when build canceled; 2) Don't dispose of file logger until after vbld_BuildDone script event completes.
  • Visual Studio add-ins not loading properly.
  • File processing actions: . character in include/exclude fields (i.e.,*) could match on . followed by another character instead of only . character.
  • HTTP Action: 1) Special VBP characters not escaped when response stored in macro; 2) Progress logging option not working.
  • Make Delphi action: When building with MSBuild, use /p:Config instead of /p:Configuration to match project file config definition.
  • UNZIP Files action: 1) Filenames not logged correctly when unzipping from .gz file; 2) Temporary .tar file not deleted when unzipping .gz file and extracting from .tar file.

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