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harmonj 04-15-2004 03:10 PM

Get Version not work with Windows CE?
I am using your package to build and maintain our product line.

The main application is a C# applicaton and your application works great with C#. I now want the log to maintain version number of the build. I have your package updating the third field of the version to the assembly. The problem is I get "1.2.*" as the vesion when I read it using your Get version of the project feature. The third number is "*" and not a number.

The other parart of our application is a C# application for an embeded device ARMV4. The problem is your Application cannot read the version number of the project. The extension of the project is "RGU.csdproj" and your .net get version does not support this type of project.

One other suggestion:
Why not add a feature that returns a DLL version so that all the DLL's versions created with the solution could also be logged. I cam implement this using the Get version if I did not get a "*" back for the third number.

kinook 04-15-2004 09:46 PM

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Regarding retrieving the assembly version, the VS.NET Get Version action will retrieve the existing value from the project, which defaults to the form "1.0.*". If you first use the Make VS.NET action to set the full version (i.e., then incrementing and retrieving via the Make VS.NET / VS.NET Get Version actions will work as expected.

The latest download has been updated to support Smart Device (.NET Compact Framework) projects in the Make VS.NET and VS.NET Get Version actions.

Attached is a sample showing one way to retrieve the assembly version from a compiled .NET assembly.

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