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DrGonzo 10-10-2006 12:01 PM

Correct checkback signal from VS 2003 build logs
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Hi together,

I don't know if any other Buildmasters already have faced the issue, that sometimes the errorcodes VBP receives from VS 2003 and probably others are not correct.
That implicates, that our developers get annoyed, because they receive an email informing them about a failure in one of their projects. But when they open the attached build log they assert, that there did not occur any errors.

I wrote a script that analyses the Buildlog afterwards and allows the buildmaster to inform his developers correct. It even differs between errors and warnings, so that You can decide, whether a warning is a reason to inform the developer about it or not.

Since we use this script many complaints stayed away from the buildteam.

The script is attached to this posting. Hope it will help some people to improve their error handling during their build process ;)

Please consider that their are global macros that have to replaced by Your own macros. There are also some superfluous debug outputs that can be deleted without having an effect to the output of the script.

If You have any questions or feedback don't dread to contact me.


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