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dmahling 12-23-2007 10:47 AM

GTD for Outlook to UR sync

I am a longtime user of David Allen's GTD method. I used it in ECCO and still do so for my personal life. Since Ecco has been discontinued I have searched for an adequate replacement...

So now I am using Outlook with the NetCentrics GTD plug-in. GTD basically adds 3 relevant new fields to all Outlook items:
(there are others but lets concentrate on these three).

What I dont like about the GTD plug-in is the inability to work with your projects. The views are sparse, in particular there is no outlining.

THerefore I sync those items (tasks, emails, appointments, contacts) to UR. This is where I am running into two problems

1. user-defined fields in outlook do not show up in UR; for example the outlook PROJECT field will not sync. Any idea?

2. when I create new tasks in UR, they dont make it into outlook - forget the field issue - they just dont make it over there; that defeats my using UR for rich "project thinking" and then syncing back to outlook for PDA syncing and tracking. Any ideas?



Quantum7 12-28-2007 01:13 PM

In the help is a list of fields that are currently mapped from Outlook to UR. The list is limited.

Search for outlook in this forum to see my suggestion about mapping additional fields.

Note: Mapping user-defined fields as well is a suggestion I haven't seen in the forum yet (haven't searched for it either though).

You'll probably have to specify a bit more in detail what you're doing / what's not happening.

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