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shmengie 10-01-2003 07:23 AM

BP compilation SLOW upgrading to XP
We just upgraded our build machine to Windows XP 2.4 Ghz system. I am running Visual Build 3.6a. As part of our build process we compile a large number of DOS programs with Borland Pascal. The batch file that is being called to do this from Visual Build is taking a VERY long time to execute. If I run the batch file from a normal command prompt, it is lightning fast. This did not occur on the last build machine, which was running NT 4.0 and was a PIII 450! Is there something I'm missing here? Our build projects have not changed from the old machine, and we're using cmd.exe for the COMSPEC.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to alleviate this problem. The reason we got a new build machine was to speed up our builds, which unfortunately are now slower.

Martin Binder
Lead Programmer
Gateway Ticketing Systems, Inc.

kinook 10-06-2003 12:42 PM

We aren't updating or supporting Visual Build 3 any longer. The only things I can suggest are:

1) ensure that the step is not set to read output from stdout (in the past, some 16-bit apps seemed to experience performance problems when interacting with Visual Build retrieving their output from stdout).

2) Try configuring Visual Build to run in compatibility mode for Windows NT/2000 (Compatibility tab of the Visual Build shortcut).

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