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jmmcd 09-26-2014 06:52 PM

Pageant and SFTP

I have had pageant setup to use authorized_keys (e.g., no password required) for CVS actions for years now. In fact it worked that way by default.

But I can't get (S)FTP to do the same. The putty/pageant session which works fine for putty (login w/o entering a password) and for CVS actions, fails on FTP commands with an 'invalid password' error. It only works if I put the password in the Server tab's Password field.

So I currently prompt the VBP user for the FTP user and password; which works fine *for me*, but not for anyone (they would lack the UNIX permissions). If they could use the same mechanism as for CVS, this problem goes away.

Is the Pageant 'authorized_keys' mechanism supposed to work with FTP actions?

kinook 09-26-2014 08:01 PM

I'm not familiar with Pageant. For FTPS, you can specify a private key for authentication, but the FTP action currently requires a username+password for authentication with SFTP (and doesn't support specifying a certificate file).

jmmcd 09-29-2014 11:46 AM

Pageant is part of the putty suite. It's just using SSH and authorizing login via authorized_keys on the UNIX side (instead of using a username / password).

My question is simple:

The FTP action seems to require a password. Is there a way to make it use authorized_keys instead (like the CVS action does)?

kinook 09-30-2014 07:32 AM

No, there isn't. It requires a password for authentication.

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