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ilyar 06-12-2003 12:00 PM

VSS get by label failed
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I tried to get files by label see attachment.
But Visual Build stucks in one case in ather case gives error 100

pjaquiery 06-12-2003 05:13 PM

The "rename label" step requires a leading L. Look carefully at the text in the label of the Version control. The line should look like:


BTW, if you are sending an email to multiple addresses you can simply list them in the To field with a , between each address:


also, macros are not case sensitive so you can use mixed case:


so your code doesn't shout so much :-)

ilyar 06-15-2003 02:24 AM

It seams to work
It seams to work now. It gets files by label but I never read about leading L in VisualBuild what does it mean to use or not to use L before label.

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