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kinook 10-25-2010 11:38 AM

How to resolve problems with registration not sticking
Some users have reported situations where the Visual Build registration info is lost, and it reverts to operating in evaluation mode (sometimes only when called from a scheduled task). To work around this, use one of the alternative registrations methods:

1) In the Visual Build System folder (typically C:\Program Files\VisBuildPro10\System), create a text file named VisBuildSvr.ini with contents like this:

PortableKey=My Company (n-computer license),123456-654321-...-123456

Note: On Windows Vista and later, the editor must be run elevated ("As administrator") in order to create or modify files in a Program Files subfolder. Another option is to create the file in a different folder (for instance, My Documents) and move it into the above folder using Windows Explorer (Windows will prompt for elevation in order to move the file).

Note: After registering with this method, registering again via the About | Register dialog or method #2 will report an invalid key.


2) In the project or global vbld_BuildStarting script event, add VBScript code like this:

Builder.RegisterKey "My Company (n-computer license)", "123456-654321-...-123456"
Note: Replace the license name, count and registration key above with the information from your license info email.

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