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kinook 03-19-2007 06:01 PM

Version 6.3
Released on March 19, 2007

New Actions
  • AccuRev
  • Alienbrain
  • DeployMaster
  • HelpStudio
  • HyperText Studio
  • PVCS
  • RoboHelp
  • SetupBuilder

    Action Enhancements
  • Advanced Installer action: Support v4.
  • Burn CD/DVD action: 1) Add option for whether to include empty subdirectories; 2) Log folders as well as files when logging is enabled.
  • Flare action: Support v2.
  • Help & Manual action: Support for v4.3 (XML format option).
  • InstallAnywhere action: Support v8.
  • InstallAware action: Support v6.
  • Make Delphi action: 1) Support Delphi 2007; 2) Support Turbo Delphi/C++/C# 2006.
  • Perforce action: Support v2006.2.
  • StarTeam action: Support v2006.
  • Surround SCM action: Support v5.
  • Transform XML Log action: 1) Support passing of generic parameters and mode to stylesheet; 2) Use MSXML6 if available.
  • Virtual PC action: Support v2007.
  • VMware Workstation action: 1) Support v6; 2) Document use of VMware Workstation action to manipulate snapshots in VMware Server.
  • Wise action: Support Wise Installation Studio v7.
  • Write XML action: 1) Support creating elements; 2) Support selection namespaces.

  • Application component: Support for namespaces in READ_XML system macro.
  • Builder component: 1) Significantly increase performance of step processing, especially Process Files actions with many files and iterating steps; 2) Improve performance of Builder.LogFileContents method for large files.
  • GUI App: 1) Support for Office 2007 theme (Tools | Customize | Options); 2) Support Vista file dialogs; 3) Support customization of context (right-click) menus (Tools | Customize | Menus); 4) Allow environment variables in backup path and default to auto-saving backups in TEMP path (Tools | User Options | Printing/Backups); 5) Category drop-down list in Actions pane Filter field; 6) Simplified license info entry.
  • Uninstaller: Option to not delete user configuration settings.

    Bug Fixes
  • Builder component: 1) Step with build rule of 'true is false' is built instead of skipped; 2) Run Script step that calls Builder.Sleep and is canceled is marked as completed instead of aborted.
  • GUI App: 1) +/- tree buttons too large on Vista when using large fonts; 2) Help | Keyboard Map not working.
  • Help & Manual action: Uses wrong flag for ebook format.
  • IIS Virtual Dir action: Don't create path on local computer when creating virtual directory on remote computer.
  • Make Delphi action: 1) Update C++Builder 2006 project .res file with version info; 2) Project .res file not created if it didn't already exist.
  • Make VS.NET action: $(ProjectDir) macro not processed correctly.
  • Map Drive action: Logs output twice.
  • NCover action: Assemblies and Attributes fields not processed correctly.
  • Run Program action: Support simultaneous execution of remote commands in parallel builds.
  • StarTeam action: Don't escape colon characters in View field.
  • VisBuildPro Project action: 1) Wrong flag used for 'Global scripts file' field; 2) Support simultaneous execution of remote builds.
  • VMware action: VMWare action can encounter regex errors.
  • 'Class not registered' error could occur if VBP configuration data path didn't exist.

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