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David_F 05-07-2017 09:38 AM

Info Item attribute - multiple Choose Item windows

when I click in a field that is based on an Info Item, it produces, not one, but many, many "Choose Item" windows. The last time I did it, 50 of such windows popped up... At other times it works as it's supposed to.

I know if you have more than one database open, you get one "Choose Item" window per database, which makes sense. However this is happening with just one db open. Also, 50 of them clearly suggests something's wrong...

-- DavidF.

kinook 05-07-2017 07:58 PM

This should be fixed in the latest release (5.3).

David_F 05-08-2017 04:55 AM

Thanks Kinook. Meantime was able to fix it by closing and restarting.

-- DavidF.

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