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TimP 04-07-2011 09:56 AM

Form formatting could be improved
As I become enslaved to UR, I need certain features to improve. I use forms quite a lot to induce states and carry info that I report to others.

It would be good if fields in forms were shorted for the benefit of displaying whole names. So, for example, I have a yes/no attribute named "Content Created/Converted". (I'm a tech writer.) On the form, it displays as "Content C" with a eight-foot field with a tiny "no" in it. So, understandable names don't work if you want them to be used in forms.

Now you're going to tell me there's a setting to change the ratio of field-name length to field length in forms.

kinook 04-07-2011 10:28 AM

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You can adjust the form label width. Extract and double-click the attached .reg file, then restart UR.

TimP 04-07-2011 11:19 AM


I imagine you've given some thought to the notion of providing much more direct control over forms. But it's probably one of those bottomless time pits.

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